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Coastal interiør design style can be created by natural elements and colors that focus on shades of blue and white.

You can easily bring the beach inside to your living room. Start with a natural color palette, and e.g. white-painted wood paneling. Then add weathered wood, driftwood, clamshells, starfish, etc. as decor. Choose large furniture that invites you to sink into it.

Look after beachy stripes, and natural textiles such as linen and plush, and top it up with matching coastal and beach theme pillows.

Coastal interiør design. RoomsByHeart.


If you would like to make your home show your taste for exotic lands, try to create a mix of different elements such as dark wooden and/or bamboo furniture (natural or painted).

For an authentic look, it is important to use natural textures combined with a lot of plants, palms, and flowers like orchids for example.

You can also choose a space to make a palm leaf wallpaper if you like and you can fill a bowl of citrus fruit or coconuts or some large tropical leaves in a big vase for a touch of palm beach glamour.

As the icing on the cake, a palm leaf fan and some bamboo blinds could be hung up to emphasize the tropical interior design style.

Tropical Carribean interiør design. RoomsByHeart.

Industrial New York

If you like the industrial decor as opposed to the bright and light style, then here are some great tips for inspiration.

Look for furniture in leather, industrial lamps, chairs, and other smaller furniture in untreated wood. Keep the focus on materials in leather, iron, steel, wood, and stone or concrete.

Go for a raw style with personal elements to soften the style up a bit.
It can e.g. be a few larger colored pillows and block candles in a wooden dish made of driftwood etc.

If you have extra courage on the project, you can make your own brick wall, lay a dark wooden floor, or a raw and modern New York floor that looks like concrete or stone.

Industrial New York industrial design. RoomsByHeart.


The Scandinavian interior design style is modern, relaxed, and stylish at the same time. One can say that minimalism, craftsmanship, and functionalism go hand in hand. Things are not just things but they must serve a purpose.


If you want to decorate in Scandinavian style, then avoid patterns, details, and a lot of trinkets, so you maintain a clean look and straight lines.

Look for light muted colors in different textiles, pictures with simple motives, and wooden floors with single rugs and sheepskins.

Large windows and bright rooms are good, as Scandinavia has long and dark winters which you get through by creating the well-known Danish hygge, with candles and cozy surroundings.

Scandinavian interior design. RoomsByHeart.

Country vintage

If you like the country vintage look, timber is the most important element. You nearly can't get enough of it. Timber flooring is e.g. very beautiful and authentic and goes well with patterned rag rugs. Rugs do make rooms cozy.

The country vintage design style is about creating a cozy authentic feeling and you can do that by mixing unique old items and furniture with new ones. Not every piece of furniture has to match. A fireplace helps to emphasize the cozy atmosphere.

The color palette goes in the range from white to cream, and textiles like bedspreads with lace and pillows in linen are very beautiful.

You can add wicker baskets and terra-cotta pots with olive trees and lavenders to fulfill the expression.

Country vintage. Rustic Dining Room. RoomsByHeart.

Swedish cottage

You can achieve the Swedish cottage style by painting the wooden floors white and adding rag rugs, woven from remnants of clothing in different colors. 

Wall panels can also be painted in white or pastel colors. The wall above the panels can be covered with wallpaper in a beautiful pattern.

Feel free to go to flea markets and find old furniture and paint them in shades that match the rest of the decor. Mix them with e.g. a new sofa and a bed with quilts and pillows in similar colors and patterns.

Decorate with old jars, vases, etc. in window sills and decorate with wildflowers from the garden or from the edge of the ditch.

An antique Swedish bench with different cushions can be used for the dining table and supplemented with antique chairs, that do not have to be the same kind and preferably painted in different colors.

Swedish cottage. RoomsByHeart.
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