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Meet Vibeke

About me

I am an interior designer and have for many years been interested in interior design and have renovated and decorated several homes with great pleasure.

Daily, I live with my family in a house by the fjord in Roskilde, close to Copenhagen. I enjoy the water and nature a lot, and that is why we also enjoy staying in our holiday home up in the woods in Sweden.

I love recycling furniture. I think it's fun to go to the flea market and find older and nice little tables, cupboards, etc.
The furniture can be painted in exactly the color you like, matching the other furniture, and you can get a nice look by mixing old and new stuff.
In this way, you create your personal touch and something that no one else has.

My services

One must be careful not to underestimate the work of renovating or moving to a new house. It is a big job and it is often difficult to find time for planning when you also have to take care of both house, family and work as usual.

I, therefore, offer to help create an overview of your new home and interior design, so it will be easier to decide which furniture you can keep, which there is room for, and which new furniture you can benefit from acquiring.

I can give you inspiration for new colors, designs, and functional improvements.
I just need a floor plan with measurements, which I, together with your wishes, can transform into a 3D floor plan as well as pictures and a 360-degree view of selected rooms.


I have had great pleasure in decorating my own and other people's homes. People get happy to live in and look at beautiful and harmonious rooms.

It is my wish that you also have the opportunity to achieve this good feeling. That is why it will be a great pleasure for me, to help you get a home with  Rooms By Heart.

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